Since birth, a majority of my life has been spent in a beauty salon. My parents have worked and owned our family salon for 30 plus years and have been nationally recognized on many occasions. My mother has worked as a stylist all her life and worked alongside many celebrities and high profile clientele. As I grew older, I became more familiar with the products we used in our salon and began to work with my mother to create a line of products. This product has finally come to fruition, and we decided to name it after myself, AYIANA. Our goal is to offer you a full line of product in order to simplify and maximize your hair routine. All of our products are formulated to pair with one another in absolute harmony and for the best results we highly recommend you use them together. Our mission is to serve your premier line of hair products backed by our 30 years of beauty knowledge, wisdom and expertise.



The 3 Flavors

The story of the 3 Flavors is about us, three brothers named John, Chris and Nico. When we were growing up we would have to share the one pomade between the three of us, but this was not always a good fit because we each had different hair styles and textures. So now we have found our solution in our new products, The 3 Flavors. Our family owns a salon named The Beauty Lounge and we have been in the hair & beauty industry since 1988. We have decided to take our knowledge and experience to perfect three unique pomades that emphasize the individual styles and textures of hair for men. Our mission is to help people define themselves by styling their hair the way they want.